Plumbing Tips and Tricks

31 October 2017
Importance Of Plumbing Maintenance

Blocked drains? Blocked sewer? Blocked toilet? Such issues are a pain in the neck and can’t be ignored. For some, they can do the repair themselves, but with little assurance of 100% quality or that same problem will not happen any time sooner. Some who choose to push their luck through DIY only end up worsening the situation.

Doing plumbing fixes is a delicate undertaking and must be handled with care to avoid other issues that might arise. Though you can always learn a few basics, dedication and effort are needed to pull through successful plumbing projects.

The following are some plumbing tips and tricks you can do:

  • Avoid using chemicals in clearing clogs because doing so will damage the pipes in the long run. Instead, you can try using baking soda and vinegar mixture with hot water, then pour it over the clogs, and see how it can do the clearing. Do this once or twice a month to ensure the smooth flow of water in your drains.

  • Falling hair and small pieces of leftover food to name a few are the common causes of clogged drains. Place a strainer on your bathroom and kitchen drain to prevent unnecessary accumulation of dirt. Make sure to eliminate those on a daily basis.

  • Dripping faucets shouldn’t be ignored – it’s a total waste of water and a clear sign of plumbing problem. Check the water meter as well and see if it shows any significant increase in consumption. Also, you can place coloured water in your toilet tank, and if the bowl shows any other colour after a few minutes, then you have a leak in your plumbing.

  • Know the different types of plunger and where to use it. Before you use the plunger, pour hot water over the rubber to make it soft and result to a better suction job. Execute the proper plunging technique for a few seconds, and repeat if necessary.

It doesn’t hurt to have simple DIY plumbing skills, after all, it is your house, you should know how to fix stuff around. For complicated issues like gas leaks, call a professional plumber right away and let them do their expertise.

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