Summer roof gutter tip for heavy rains…
Summer Roof

The summer season is a time for heavy storm rains… To prevent ‘roof flooding’ during summer storms make sure that you have your roof gutters and stormwater drains cleaned out regularly. Ask your PlumbCall Technician about our Leaf Free gutter guard system installation that will keep your gutters clean and also regular stormwater drain cleaning maintenance.

Gas installations…
Gas Installations

As a safety measure, have your gas installations serviced annually. Have the installations tested for leaks and correct pressures and your appliances serviced. A small leak with incorrect pressures and appliance wear and tear can amount to excessive gas bills, and above all else make appliances unsafe for use.

Get the most from your PlumbCall visit…
Get Visit

When your friendly PlumbCall Tech arrives at your place be sure that you get value from his visit. On arrival he will hand you a list of the Top Ten Household Plumbing Problems. This is quick tick & flick checklist for you to run through while he is at your house so that your plumbing problems are sorted out there and then. This will save you valuable repair dollars in the future and above all else, keeps your plumbing maintained!

Water temperature safety…
Water Temperature Safety

If you have small children, you might want to consider the installation of a tempering valve on your hot water service. This valve automatically mixes hot and cold water so that hot water is delivered to your tap at a pre-set temperature, 50*C ot less. This is a safe preventative measure that will save unnecessary hot water scalding of smaller children

Do you have a copy of your drainage plan?
Drainage Plan

It is advisable that you have a copy of your house drainage plan handy. This is obtainable from your local council office for a small fee. It assists the PlumbCall Technician in efficiently and competently evaluating and clearing your blocked toilet, sinks and drains. Having this plan will save you time and money!

Water saving tips…
Water Saving Tips

As a water saving measure, it is advisable that you check if you have a dual flush toilet cistern installed. If you haven’t, think about replacing it as you could be flushing up to 5000ltrs per year down the drain that you don’t have to be. As an interesting fact, did you know that a leaking tap dripping once every second for 24 hours will waste approximately 86 litres of water in this time. This is an even more expensive problem if the tap is hot water!!

Are you having hot water problems?
Water Saving Tips

If so then it may be time that you have your hot water serviced. This should be done at least every 5 years. The relief valve should be manually activated every few months to keep it in proper working order. If these valves are not operational, excessive pressures will build up in the cylinder and possibly cause it to burst, turning a simple maintenance exercise into a major expense for you!

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