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How to Prevent Gas Leaks

23 January 2018


It is crucial to always be careful when it comes to gas leaks in your home. Not only can it have a profound effect on you and your family’s well-being, they can also cause fires and other accidents on a significant scale. Appliances that require the use of gas that are starting to become old and defective or have poor ventilation, appliances that were installed or fitted carelessly, and faulty pipes are all massive culprits of gas leaks. Here are some ways on how to protect your loved ones and prevent gas-related incidents at your house:

1. Check your appliances regularly

The number one way to make sure that gas leaks are prevented is to inspect the appliances at your house on a regular basis. Make sure that they are still in good condition and check for wear and tear.

2. Check the signs

You will notice if there is a gas leak if you begin noticing the smell of gas in the air or in various areas of your house. Look for appliances that seem to have parts that look burnt or if they are accompanied with soot. A blue flame is also worth noting.

3. Have your gas lines monitored

Preventing gas leaks can be ensured by calling professionals to give you an accurate report about the state of your gas appliances. Contact Plumbcall about maintenance in order to make sure that your gas appliances are running smoothly.

4. Check your gas safety documents

It is a must to make sure that your appliances are installed in a proper manner and with official documents about whether they are safe to use. Established experts should be able to handle and install your appliances professionally to prevent any gas leaks in the future.

5. If you detect a gas leak, turn off the gas supply

It is best to have a basic idea of the location and use of your gas meter before an actual emergency ever ensues. Make sure you know where it is!

6. Open the windows and shut off your electronic devices

If you suspect a gas leak, you should open the windows in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also recommended not to use electronic devices at your home during a potential gas leak to prevent creating a spark that could trigger a potential disaster. If you suspect a leak you should call a professional immediately.

7. Do not smoke

Perhaps an obvious one, but especially if you are suspicious of any type of gas leak at your home do not reach for your cigarettes and lighter.

8. Do not flick light switches

Doing this may also cause a spark that can potentially lead to an explosion, so you should be careful of such things when you suspect the possibility of a gas leak.

9. Hire professionals

The best way to prevent a gas leak is to make sure that there are experts who are trained to fix problems such as gas leaks at your home. They are going to make sure that you and your family will not be risking yourselves if such a thing occurs. Also, as they inspect your home, they’ll be able to give you specific details on what to watch out for.

You can contact us now and have a house free of any gas-related risks. Our emergency plumbers are always ready to help you!

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